Boston University – Laboratory Fit-up & Substation

Boston University – Laboratory Fit-up & Substation

Project Details:

Boston University was in the midst of expanding their lab settings, with eight (8) new labs requiring electrical fit-up. Lighthouse met the complex fit-up requirements, installing various types of sophisticated lab equipment. In addition, the project entailed Lighthouse’s installation of a 13.8kV substation, with step-down capabilities, on the roof of the building to provide power to the new labs. The project also required a new electrical room build-out, housed with associated distribution equipment which integrates the new labs and the substation. Lighthouse’s contract included all electrical work for the project, as well as the purchase and installation of the substation. In the early project phase, the electrical crew lifted the substation to the high-rise facility’s roof, where it was secured in place. At that point, Lighthouse began the heavy electrical work, wiring all the systems together.

Boston University – Laboratories in Boston, MA

Completion Date:
December 2012

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