Old Colony Phase I & II

Old Colony Phase I & II

Project Details:

Revitalization of the Old Colony Housing Project in South Boston featured a 2-phase solar installation project.

In the first phase, Lighthouse installed 140kW of roof-mounted solar systems on five residential buildings. Three buildings were smaller pitched roof installations; the other two featuring ballasted roof-mount systems.

In the second phase, Lighthouse installed 90kW rooftop solar (PV) systems on two flat residential buildings.  Both phases of the project were closely coordinated with the general contractor, as significant ongoing renovation work continued throughout the solar installation.

Special Project Challenge: Safety, as in all projects, was paramount.  This project required special safety considerations and techniques. A combination of flagging, hard hand-rails and tie-off ropes were required to install the PV systems, as the roof-mounted arrays were designed outside the safe working area of the roofs.

The projects were completed on-time and without incident.

Boston, MA

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